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RBC History

Wouldn't it be wonderful to start a church in Rowville...

RBC Front SignDuring 1969 two families from the Bentleigh Baptist Church purchased land in Rowville. Looking over the empty paddocks they said: "Wouldn't it be wonderful to start a church in Rowville?"

A few years later three Rowville residents became Christians and they joined with those families to start a house group. In August 1974 six families began worshipping together as the Rowville Christian Community. This was the first church established in the suburb. Members of the church were involved in various forms of community service as the neighbourhood developed.

In 1975 the group had started gathering regularly on Sunday Mornings for worship at the Rowville Pre-School. The first Pastor was Alan Wade, followed by Harley Kitchen. As the group grew in number, they purchased land on Wellington Road and were formally constituted as a Baptist Church on March 23, 1980. Pastor Ron Cornes led the church at that time.

Since moving to its present site on Wellington Road, the church has continued to grow in attendance and community service during the Pastorates of Rev. Lindsay Smith (1987-1995) and Rev. David Devine (1997-2012).

True to the vision of its planters, Rowville Baptist continues to seek to be a good neighbour. Today the church is seeking to expand its facilities to create space for a growing congregation and wider range of community ministries.

It has also added a global dimension forming a sister-church relationship with the Rungaruniothai Church in Thailand.

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