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Our passion at Rowville Baptist Church is to be a community growing in Jesus and showing Jesus to the world! We are committed to God’s call to ‘make disciples of all nations’ both locally, and globally. As a community, we have committed to give at least 10% of our giving to mission beyond our local church. We currently support a number of dedicated missionaries:

Medina Tribe Web Pic

The Medinas

Pioneers Australia

Dennis and Perlita began to hear God’s call to Thailand during a short-term mission trip in 2006. After much prayer and study they began their ministry, with their two children, in 2015. The Medina family serve through Pioneers Australia, in the eastern province of Isaan, Thailand. In 2019, Perlita unexpectedly passed away and we continue to pray for the family and the ministry they undertake without her.

Pioneers Australia
Bruce and Karen Newnham

Bruce & Karen Newnham

Interserve Australia

Bruce and Karen met at 17 years of age and were called the same year to mission. Ten years later along with their three children they left for Bangladesh. In their thirty-three years of serving as cross cultural workers/missionaries God also led them to serve in three other countries – Africa, China and Kazakhstan using their pastoral skills. Now they are passionate about helping those on the field in South East Asia with “Interserve” as member care consultants, travelling where needed.

Interserve Australia
Amanda Cole Web Pic

Amanda Cole

Power to Change

Amanda married her best friend Ken in October 2015. Amanda is passionate in working with “Power to Change” (former “Campus Crusade for Christ”) as they reach out to university students with the good news of Jesus Christ. One of her roles is in missionary leaders training at Head Office, Mulgrave, Vic.

Power to Change Australia


We support a number of missionary ventures and projects throughout the year. These include:

  • Baptist World Aid, partnering with local Christian organisations already working in 18 countries to help vulnerable communities emerge from poverty
  • Ping Pong-a-thon – We participate in an annual fundraiser to support the work of organisations combating the slavery of some of the most vulnerable young people in our world can they believe in Him whom they have not heard? How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!

The Apostle Paul, Romans 10:14 &15

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